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Hey! I’m Nicole. Clayton and I met in high school and always knew there was something special between us but life led us down separate paths after graduating. Clayton joined the Marine Corps which led him to begin a life in sunny San Diego, while I continued to establish my photography career in the midwest.

In 2016, we reconnected after ten long years apart and we fell for each other all over again. We spontaneously decided moving to San Diego from Illinois in the middle of a snowstorm was the best idea! Little did we know, we were going to become parents to our beautiful baby girl, Auden, at the end of the 2017. Parenthood has been a crazy, wild ride and and Auden quickly became our biggest motivation.

The way we love and commit ourselves to one another not only paves way for our daughter to grow up understanding exactly what love should be, but also enables us to understand all of the emotions surrounding a wedding day. We are so thrilled to meet you and hear your story!




The absolute funniest, cutest, fiery little human we’ve ever met in our lives, but we’re obviously a little biased. We are so lucky she is a part of our journey and that she gets to spend her days as a toddler enjoying plenty of sunshine in the Southern California coast.

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We own not one, but two Shiba Inus. Fun fact: According to National Geographic, their DNA is most similar to wolves out of any domesticated dog breed. When they see a squirrel, we are quickly reminded that this is likely true.